Monday, October 22, 2012

Lilacs on the Pedernales.

MUG: Waechstersbach mug, made in Germany, purchased in Deutschland auf den Pedernales. This discontinued color was a special order by my friend John Lopez at Der K├╝chen Laden. The man knows his coffee, both the software and the hardware.

COFFEE: Colombian Supremo(?) beans. Medium-light roast from one of two roasters in Tyler, Texas (either Country Coffee or Coffee City, I don't remember which). It's good! It's not over-roasted, so at my preferred 8 grams of beans to 5 ounces of water ratio, all the flavors of the Colombian bean are present... without the taste of burned popcorn so popular in coffees today.

NOTES: It's a damn shame either or both of these roasters don't relocate to nearby Coffee City, Texas, on the shores of Lake Palestine. What a great mailing address they would have.

As for the mug, there's really nothing to say that I haven't said before. Design and production perfection. The actual glaze color is described as "Blueberry", but I'm not seeing it. Maybe "Blueberry Stain on a White Shirt" describes the color better.

For reference, the shot below was taken with my Olympus Pen E-PL1 Micro 4/3 camera, while the title picture above (including the Olympus in the frame) was shot with my iPhone 4s and processed with Instagram.

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