Sunday, October 28, 2012

I see the light.

MUG: Plastic and stainless steel cup/cap from a one liter Stanley Industrial Unbreakable Thermos Bottle. Despite its double-walled nature, the cup/cap is too hot to the touch when filled with fresh coffee, making the use of gloves pretty much mandatory (until the coffee cools). That's not entirely inappropriate, considering the intended function of this thermos bottle (dawn's-early-light patrol on work sites, hunting trips, and spiritual retreats). The cup/cap has no redeeming tactile qualities beyond its basic function. The Stanley Thermos itself is a functional and aesthetic delight, from its excellent heat retention qualities to its hammered-green enameled finish.

COFFEE: Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Organic coffee from Barrett's Micro Roasters in Sodom-On-The-Colorado, Texas. Medium-light roast, as is my daily preference. Very nice stuff. Easily a daily drinker.

NOTES: I find that my coffee taste buds need a recalibration every so often to maintain my appreciation of a well roasted/brewed drink, but good coffee is required for the process (bad coffee merely screws up my taste buds). Usually, I switch to a Guatemalan from my standard (and all too common) Colombian, but in a nod to my long-ago love for mocha coffees, I went with this Ethiopian that many feel is among the finer beans available.

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