Thursday, October 11, 2007

Feeling lucky? Good for you.

Coffee: A return home to Columbian Supremo full city roast from Central Market (after several weeks drinking their Guatemalan Antigua).

Mug: Another heavy "diner-style" mug from China, this one in a dark brown-khaki glaze. This mug is heavy enough to be used as a blunt instrument in an Agatha Christie murder mystery.

Notes: Found the mug in the clearance bin at Cabela's. It's imprinted with the slogan "Do what you like. Like what you do." on the right-handed drinker's side. On the opposite side is a graphic of a four-leaf clover, with the brand name "Life Is Good" printed beneath it.

I've had almost as difficult a time understanding what the "Life Is Good" merchandise line (apparel and some accessories) is about, as I have trying to figure out the "No Fear" stuff I've seen. I'm an old guy who's dense and set in his way.

The four-leaf clover is of interest primarily for the supposed "good luck" the finder will receive who discovers one. The four-leaf clover (with its Celtic cross connotations) is often confused with the Irish shamrock (with its Trinitarian connotations).

Oddly, I've never heard of a four-leaf shamrock. Perhaps one would refer to modern post-Christian
America's Quadratarian theology: Father, Son, Holy Ghost, and Mammon?

No thanks. Three's enough.