Tuesday, June 22, 2010

In the groove.

Colombian Supremo from What's Brewing? roaster.

A "naval-style" mug of undetermined origin. Great heft, lip, bite, and capacity. This example was sent to me by a friend in Seattle who knows I also love vinyl LPs.

NOTES: Sometimes I wonder if I'm in a rut because I always drink coffee made with this bean, but I really like it (made strong). Wine-y, oak-y, cocoa-y, chewy. Great stuff. So it's more a groove than a rut... and lots of caffeine certainly helps me spin.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Litespeed coffee cup

The Colombian Supremo of comfort, habit and preference (but not an especially good run/roast).

A double-wall titanium back-packing/camping mug from REI. Made in Japan (and priced accordingly). Titanium is very lightweight compared to steel, and stronger than aluminum (so it can be thinner and save weight... a big deal for back-packers and cyclo-tourists). It also conducts heat better than the other materials mentioned, so this mug has silicon sleeves on the folding handles to protect the fingers, and a silicon lid (not shown in photo) to protect the lips. Titanium is also flavorless.

An item of desire met. Notice the coffee drips on the handles, the result of my sloshing the coffee. The hot coffee on the cedar plank "coaster" released a surprising amount of cedar aroma in the pre-dawn hour.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

More craft, less art, please.

MUG: Mosaic slab construction mug, the mate to the mug seen in the previous post. "A porous coffee cup" isn't the same thing as "Pour us a cup of coffee". It leaks (no cracks).

COFFEE: Not wanting to waste good coffee, I made a single cup of Starbucks™ VIA® Ready Brew. It's the premium instant coffee ready brew coffee that comes in little tubular single-serve packets, a sample of which came in yesterday's newspaper (told you I was a Luddite). What does it taste like? Premium priced instant coffee.

NOTES: Double fail.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Roll 'em easy

COFFEE: The usual (Colombian Supremo), ground immediately prior to brewing, roasted some time in the past.

MUG: An artsy-crafty mug made by a potter in Denton, Texas (former GF of my brother-in-law). Three piece slab-construction, with different-colored stratified clay rolled into a sheet, and the bottom punched out and a handle formed. The sheet is then rolled into a tube, and affixed to the base. A clear glaze is applied inside the cup (for liquid seal), and some decorations are applied to the outside. This is part of a set (two mugs and a creamer).

Form over function, and nicer as an object than as a utensil. It drinks well, though, and has a nice tactile feel to the mug barrel, with the smooth glaze covering the lip. The handle is too narroe for me, but it does have a nice thumb indent at the top of the handle where it meets the mug barrel.

Stay tuned for Part Two.