Saturday, December 31, 2016

Glue for the soul.

MUG: Fiesta Ware tea cup and saucer. Made in the USA by Homer Laughlin since the 1930s.

COFFEE: Not coffee, but heated Nuremberg Gluehwein, with a wedge from a giant lemon grown in the Rio Grande Valley. It will make you 'glow'.

NOTE: The Gluehwein wine is from Italy. Italian Nuremberg wine... go figure. Happy New Year!

Monday, December 19, 2016

A Cure for the Uncommon Cold.

MUG: A Chinese (?) mug purchased through Zazzle™ with a photo print decoration. The ubiquitous Waechtersbach-style barrel mug.

COFFEE: Instead of coffee, I am drinking some Mexican hot chocolate with cinnamon (Xocolatl). Popular is my usual brand Chocolate de Metate, but this is a new-to-me 'gourmet' product from HernĂ¡n. It is made in Mexico by local artisans.

NOTES: The mug has an imprint of a 1933 Texas Highway Department road map. I have used this very map as a route guide for the upcoming One Lap of Texas. With a fire in the hearth, and mug of hot cocoa in my belly, the very uncommon (in Central Texas) outdoor wind chill factor of 7 degrees Fahrenheit doesn't seem to be an issue (for me).