Friday, December 25, 2020

To drive the cold winter away.


MUG: Slightly under-sized eight ounce promotional mug. Ceramic of unknown origin. Lightweight, easy grip, nice lip-to-lip feel. Thin ceramic, imitating the classic enameled tin cup of lore and tradition.

COFFEE: Nope. Bulleit high-rye KSBW. Not approved by the HRC.

NOTES: Santa left a bottle of Bulleit under the tree, packaged with two of these cute mugs.

Joyeux Nöel!


MUG: Neiman-Marcus Christmas 1985 mug, made by Waechstersbach in West Germany. The. Best. Mugs.

COFFEE: Eight O'Clock 100% Colombian Peaks coffee, light-medium roast. Beans delivered to my door. Good coffee.

NOTES: This mug is from The Epicurean Shop at the old Neiman's (an in-store purveyor of gourmet goodies). That's not an elf wearing Santa's cap.