Sunday, August 22, 2010

In the dark, but not of it.

MUG: Conical espresso cup. Thick, with a thick one-finger handle. The design, construction, and glaze color are exceptional (in my eyes). A beautiful treatment of a cup that too often lends itself to daintiness. I have included my A.G. Spalding & Bros. mechanical pencil for scale (The pencil is made by the same family that produced Spalding baseball gloves for decades before selling out. They are still in control of the old logo-type.). Oh look! Both the cup and pencil are my favorite color!

COFFEE: This is the dark roast my wife likes (dripped, not espresso) from The Olive Branch, a bakery/breakfast/lunch spot in Waco, Texas. The eatery is located in an old 19th Century warehouse near the Brazos River, one that is now full of restaurants (ground floor) and testosterone-free shops (up stairs). The coffee is called Downtown Dark, and is a custom blend from an unidentified roaster. Deep, rich flavor. No complaints (it ain't Colombian Supremo, but I'm narrow-minded). We bought a bag for home consumption. It's still good, made to the stand-up-and-walk-around strength I prefer.

NOTES: Traveling through Waco? This is a good place to stop for breakfast or lunch. Avoid the shops upstairs. They would drain even Floyd Landis.