Sunday, May 13, 2012

The one that got away.

MUG: Chinese novelty-tourist souvenir mug.


NOTES: Almost bought this in Dooley's 5-10-25¢ store on Main Street in Fredericksburg, but upon checkout, discovered they were cash only. This went back on the shelf. Besides, the mug must be for left-handed drinkers. The statement is on the wrong side.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Uranium found in Deutschedisneyland!

MUG: Waechstersbach mug made in Germany. The world's best coffee mug, now in fluorescent green glaze. Truly amazing.  

COFFEE: Barrett's Colombian, made in a Dunn Brother's French Press insulated travel mug/coffee maker.  

NOTES: Bought the mug today at Der K├╝chen Laden in Fredericksburg, Texas (a.k.a., Deutschedisneyland).

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

We interupt this programme for a note on coffee beans.

On the left are medium roast Colombian Supremo San Agustin, estate grown, organic, Fair Trade, coffee beans from Barrett's Micro Roast Coffee in Austin, Texas. They are great tasting, and the roast is very consistent, order to order. They also are delivered to my door by a US Government agent the day after roasting.

In the middle are some Colombian Supremo Fair Trade, estate and shade grown, organic medium roast beans from Red Bud Roasters in San Marcos, Texas. Very good flavor, with just a bit too much caramelization. I might try their 'light' roast sometime. I can order them the night before pick-up at a local farmer's market.

On the right are some generic 'Colombian' medium roast beans from Starbucks. One look is all it takes to understand why this quality-minded organization is often called "Charbucks". Coffee al Carbon. Not horrible (I'll leave that description to Folger's, etc.), but the subtle sweet flavors are totally obscured by a taste that is all too reminiscent to me of burned popcorn. I'd still rather have a cup of coffee at a Starbucks than at 90% of the places serving coffee, where the coffee is usually twice-burned, and of poor quality to begin with.

Bogus Bodum Bonus

MUG: Double-walled glass with silicon gripper and spill-resistant lid. Twelve ounce capacity. Good insulating properties (hot coffee, but not hot fingers or lips), and glass is a pleasant tactile sensation.

COFFEE: Starbucks 'medium' roast Colombian. Shiny-black, oily, bitter beans. An error of timing on my part resulted in running out of my preferred Barrett's coffee. My wife had purchased a pound of this Starbucks as an emergency coffee (on sale and with a coupon, it was $5). Like most things 'suitable for emergency use', it falls far short on the standard.

NOTES: Made in China, imitating the Bodum line of double-walled insulated glass beverage containers (even the available green, red, and orange colors are very 'Bodum-like'). A great product for $5 (a similar Bodum glass is $20), I don't expect it to have a long lifespan, due to the absence of the pressure equalizing relief valve as now used on genuine Bodum glasses. 

BONUS: This travel tumbler fits in the cup-holders of my MINI Cooper without blocking (or activating) any controls! MINI owners will understand.