Thursday, November 16, 2017

Trumpet Blast

MUG: Promotional mug, Chinese made, probably from Discount Mugs. Trumpet mouth, with a nice handle, and in the colors of the only high school football team I pay attention to... the Denison Yellowjackets.

COFFEE: The Colombian Huila from Barrett's.

NOTES: I secured this mug from the throwaway box at work. The Savannah Club is an apartment complex catering to students, with rents that start at $915 a month. Times have changed.

Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Survival of the fittest.

MUG: Chinese-made paid promotional 14 ounce cafe mug, made by Discount Mugs for White Rock Coffee (whose imprint appears on the left-handed front). A speckled-blue glaze on the exterior (reminiscent of enameled steel mugs), with a white interior glazing.

COFFEE: Colombia Huila, Pitalito, from Barrett's Micro Roast Coffee.

NOTES: Great coffee house/roastery/bulk green bean supplier in Dallas. The original location (where I got this, filled with a nice Rwandan coffee) is on Northwest Highway in the Lake Highlands neighborhood of Dallas... above White Rock Lake. This is the area I grew up in. WRC has been Targeted by the predatory scum at Starbucks Corporate for elimination.