Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Something old, something new. Something borrowed, something blue.

MUG: As featured before, a hand-thrown mug from Marshall Pottery in Marshall, Texas. Thrown by Laurence Houston, Sr. Potter. This is a prized possession.

COFFEE: "Organic" Colombian Supremo from the Cameron's Coffee bulk bin at my local H.E.B. Plus in Kyle, Texas.

NOTES: Yet again, I misjudged my coffee bean supply, and had to buy some "stop-gap" coffee to tide me over until my order from Barrett's arrived. This Minnesota-based coffee company's product was a new offering in the bulk bins at H.E.B. The beans looked to be more of a medium roast than the usual "black roast" preferred by coffee suppliers down here. Sadly, the trip from the Land of a Thousand Lakes must have been a long one, as the coffee is just a bit stale.* Fresher, this would be a very good coffee.

OLD: The mug. Probably from the 1960s.

NEW: The coffee. New to me (if quite "new").

BORROWED: This phrase.

BLUE: The decorative stripe around the mug. I wish I knew more about this particular style of glaze (natural color, with blue stripes).

*ADDENDUM: It's really unfair of me to complain that the Cameron's coffee beans don't seem fresh tasting. It's allergy season here in Central Texas (April through November), and my taste buds suffer greatly. Smelling the coffee beans in the container indicates that my palate may be currently defective.