Monday, October 10, 2011

Come and get it.

MUG: Double-walled ceramic mug, ten ounce capacity (two coffee "cups"). Unknown origin. The lip has a wide trumpet flare, but it fits my lip better than I thought it might, providing positive contact with the mouth for a drip-free drinking experience. The mug's conical shape and flat bottom provides a good grip and a secure set-down. The mug is a handle-less "travel" mug, and features a silicon rubber cap that appears to be drip-proof for sipping. The cap functions far better than the one on the Japanese-made titanium camper's cup I have.

COFFEE: City-roast Colombian San Agustin Supremo from Barrett's Micro-Roaster. Bought a five pound bag this month. A good brew.

NOTES: The mug was purchased at the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum. The imprint is the flag that flew at a skirmish known as "The Lexington-Concord of Texas", the Battle of Gonzales. 100 Mexican dragoons came to Gonzales on October 2nd, 1835 to confiscate a small cannon the colonists had for protection from Indian raiders. The Texians refused to surrender the weapon, and fired on the dragoons with small arms and cannon, who then withdrew back to San Antonio.