Monday, September 14, 2020

"Please accept my resignation. I don’t care to belong to any club that will have me as a member". – Groucho Marx

MUG: Chinese promotional mug. Stainless steel 14 ounce vacuum-sealed double-walled. Chunky, and without a handle. Big hands required.

COFFEE: Eight O'Clock 100% Colombian Peaks coffee, light-medium roast. My coffee of choice in retirement (if I'm buying). Really, surprisingly, good stuff. 

NOTES: I bought a 2-1/2 lb. bag of the whole bean coffee (once-upon-a-time A&P Grocery's house brand) for use as "church coffee" when I started brewing at home and taking three vacuum air-pots to church on Sundays... pre-Wuhan Covid. I liked it so much, I quit buying from my local micro roaster.

As for the Groucho quote, see the photo below. My MINI Big Bend Bash sticker covers up a Bass Pro Club logo on the other side.