Sunday, December 16, 2018

Direct deposit.

MUG: 10 ounce Ozark Trails (Walmart) vacuum-insulated stainless-steel travel mug.

COFFEE: Colombian Huila.

NOTES: An experiment in coffee making that holds promise. I used the vacuum-insulated travel mug to steam heat and froth the milk, and then poured two shots of espresso into the cup directly.

Less mess, less fuss, good café au lait.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Dutch treat.

MUG: Chinese made cafe-style 'tactical defense' mug.

COFFEE: White Rock Coffee House Blend. Direct Trade Guatemalan, Brazilian and Colombian coffees, full city roast.

NOTES: The mug came from Henk's European Deli & Black Forest Bakery. I filled it at the Lake Highlands location of White Rock Coffee. If you find yourself in Dallas, I highly recommend both establishments. Superior product, service, and atmosphere. Orange you glad? I certainly am.

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Handle with care.

MUG: Enameled steel with chrome lip (made in China), 16 ounce, via MINI Merchandise.

COFFEE: Colombia Huila, Pitalito, from Barrett's Micro Roast Coffee.

NOTES: Souvenir mug from MINI Takes The States 2018. Very attractive, unusable for anything hot (burn your hands, scald your lips, oh boy). Best use is either as a pencil cup, or as an ice and bourbon holder (two ice cubes, two ounces of Very Old Barton KSBW).

Monday, July 23, 2018

Happy as a pig in mud.

MUG: M Ware coffee mug (made in China), heavy cafe/naval-style mug ('tactical self-defense' weight?).

COFFEE: Colombia Huila, Pitalito, from Barrett's Micro Roast Coffee.

NOTES: While on a trip through parts of West Texas and The Big Empty, I stopped in at Booked Up, Larry McMurtry's bookstore/collection in his hometown of Archer City, Texas. I didn't have time to prowl around the shelves and stacks and tables of the two buildings, but I did have time to swap a couple of stories with the proprietress, and purchase this mug.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Raven-black coffee.

MUG: Texas Sesquicentennial coffee mug (from China), featuring a panel from the Texas History Movies graphic history book series.

COFFEE: Colombia Huila, Pitalito, from Barrett's Micro Roast Coffee.

NOTES: April 21, 1836: the Anglo-Celtic forging of what became known as 'America'.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

MINI Traveller

MUG: Eleven ounce (one standard coffee mug) Chinese travel mug sold by MINI Lifestyles (a subsidiary of MINI USA). Perfect size for that last cup of coffee as you drive to work. Double-walled, stainless steel, vacuum insulated travel mug that actually fits in a MINI's cup-holder. The vacuum area is very small, so the insulating properties are small, too. The exterior is painted with a rubberized paint for excellent touch. The lid is omni-directional, and doubles as a drip cup when you get closer to end of your beverage.

COFFEE: 'Breakfast Blend' coffee beans, ground on demand by a monster-Kuerig coffee maker (no K-Cups) in MINI of Austin's customer lounge. Brewed 'strong' (the strongest of three choices). I don't think 'strong' means what Kuerig thinks it means. This machine replaces a similar Starbuck's-branded machine at the dealership.

NOTES: The ancestor of my MINI Clubman was the Morris Mini Traveller, whose father was the Morris Minor Traveller.