Saturday, October 31, 2015

Day of the Dead Coffee.

MUG: Chinese made imitation Mexican stoneware, designed in California (there's a lot compressed into that sentence).  The usable capacity is 12 ounces. Decent shape, good handle, well-formed lip all make this an OK drinker. It is made with that odd Chinese pottery construction that is lighter than its thickness would seem to dictate, which makes these type always seem somehow fragile. I found this mug among the abandoned mugs in the back of the break room cabinet at work.

COFFEE: The suddenly disappointing Colombian Santander from Central Market-Westgate. This used to be my daily coffee, but my last two purchases of this bean have indicated a shift towards a darker roasting profile. The former delicately rich subtleties have been replaced with that 'burned' flavor so popular with coffee drinkers. The coffee doesn't look to be a darker roast, but it sure tastes that way.

NOTES: I think this mug would make a better hot cocoa mug than coffee mug, or even a cappuccino mug. I now have something of a collection of Día de Muertos coffee mugs that i add to my other collections of things.

P.S. Happy Birthday, Tom R Moody III. Boo!


Monday, October 26, 2015

The first and the last.

MUG: Waechtersbach putty-colored cylinder mug. Made in W. Germany, purchased by me in Dallas,  ca. 1977. This is the mug that started this blog.

Simply. The. Best. Coffee. Mug. Ever.


COFFEE: The last (literally... I bought all they had, and now I've run out) of the San Sebastian Huila Colombian coffee from Cuvée Coffee. So good, I actually drove into Austin to get some (East Sixth Street in Austin, at that). This is the third Huila Region sourced Colombian I've tried (Huila Finca Guadalupe from Central Market, and La Colombe's Colombian San Roque were the other two). They have all been VERY good, and all have had limited availability.

NOTES: I notice Cuvée has another Huila coffee, Las Mingas, but they don't seem to be as excited about it. I guess I better try some and see.