Saturday, August 15, 2009

Being in community

MUG: Chinese made ceramic bistro mug with many names of the Second Person of the Trinity engraved into its surface. The name we use as a familiar term is on the reverse side.

COFFEE: 100% Colombia Altura by Community Coffee of Baton Rouge, sourced from Albertson's as an emergency supply (out of coffee, and didn't have time to trek over to my usual supplier).

NOTE: Community Coffee (the folks who dared to challenge Starbuck's in the South with their chain of CC's Coffee Shops...and lost) has a new line of "Private Reserve" premium coffees, most of which are nasty-flavored things I wouldn't use to deodorize the kitchen disposal. But their 100% Colombian is VERY good stuff, more than just acceptable. The beans are a bit small, but the flavor has that wonderful, deep, winey taste. The roast is a little darker than many do a Colombian, which helps, I think.