Thursday, July 28, 2011

Walk the plank? Walk the pink?

MUG: A pink Waechtersbach mug. Made in Germany, with the peculiar "glaze resist" decoration... not to mention the peculiar decoration motif.

COFFEE: The last of some Whole Foods™ Arriba-brand Colombian, now described as "light roast" (formerly described as Medium/Full City, but Medium is the new Dark, and Dark is the new Burnt Espresso).

NOTES: Surprisingly good for Whole Foods coffee. Bought a half pound in an emergency because the USPS was holding my Barrett's coffee beans in quarantine for four days (for some unknown reason, but the Mail Carrier did comment on how good the coffee smelled in her van).

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Road Rage

Coffee: Starbucks™ espresso, served as a Café Americano on ice.

Mug: Starbucks™ Venti iced drink cup. It's a plastic cup made by Berry Plastics. Not sure what else I can say about it.

Notes: It's all the rage among some groups (college-aged kids) to hang out and onto Starbucks™. It's all the rage among many coffee "connoisseurs" to rag on Starbucks™ as Charbucks, because they over-roast much of their coffee. But on a hot day, 375 miles into a 500 mile one-day road trip, I look forward to a quick rest stop at the Bellevue/Waco Starbucks™ for a venti café Americano (no cream). Makes the remaining two hours on the road easier.