Thursday, September 05, 2019

Without a trust fund.

MUG: Made by Semper Texas (Chinese mug, I'm pretty sure), a standard 11 ounce imitation Waechtersbach barrel mug.

COFFEE: Colombian Huila, Pitalito, from Barrett's Micro Roast Coffee.

NOTE: A running joke of mine, used during introductions at public and private gatherings, is that I am something of a rarity. I am a fifth-generation Anglo Texan...without a trust fund. Some people chuckle. 

This was a thoughtful gift, from a thoughtful friend...both much appreciated.

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Reflects well on my tastes.

MUG: Ozark Trails, made in China, stainless steel double-walled vacuum 'camp cup'. Eleven ounces. Decorated with a commemorative sticker made by Sticker Mule.

COFFEE: Colombian Huila, Pitalito, from Barrett's Micro Roast Coffee.

NOTE: Keeps coffee warm. Doesn't burn lips. Doesn't impart a metallic taste. Nice large and broad handle. Glove friendly. Comes with a lid, but it won't fit in the MINI's cupholders. $6.00 at a Walmart near you.

The sticker was made for the MINI group trip to the Davis Mountains and the Big Bend.

Saturday, June 01, 2019

Cats meow, dogs bark. Wake up.

MUG: Chinese-made diner-style mug (the new lighter weight design I've been seeing... cheaper to ship), with a slogan promoting Dos Gatos Kolache Bakery, but no logo interestingly enough. Bonus points.

COFFEE: Katz Coffee medium roast. Over-roasted. Penalty points.

NOTES: Come to Dos Gatos for the excellent Kolaches and Klobasniks. Seriously.

The coffee? Meh. It's not bad.

Dos Gatos is owned (or was started by at least) two sons of the Katz Deli family out of Houston, who were attending school at Texas State. The same Katz family who makes Katz Coffee, and possibly owns Karbach Brewery as well.

'Dos Gatos' is two Katz.

Thursday, May 09, 2019

Here's mud in your eye, Ludwig!

MUG: Waechtersbach, made in Spain, PMS Mud-colored, Composers Signature Edition.

COFFEE: Colombian Huila, Pitalito, from Barrett's Micro Roast Coffee.

NOTE: As you should know, I collect Waechtersbach coffee mugs. In the late 1970s, they produced a limited run of mugs with the signatures of Classical Music composers on them. They also produced a run of mugs in a natural color that I admired greatly (I called it PMS-Mud, and painted my entire duplex interior this color).

I never saw any of these 'mud-colored' (roughly, Pantone Matching System - Warm Grey 3 C) mugs in the Composers Series, and I never found a Beethoven mug I liked. But last week, I found the combo above on Ebay at a reasonable BIN price, and in good condition. I grabbed it. I was excited.

Unlike my last attempt to get this mug (a NOS older and heavier W German version), this one was shipped properly and arrived safe and sound. Still looking for a Bach-up plan.

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Mug: The last in the series of four Texas History Movies Sesquicentennial mugs. Chinese promo-mug of a non-offensive design. Two-finger handle design.

Coffee: Colombia Huila, Pitalito, from Barrett's Micro Roast Coffee.

Note: The Battle of San Jacinto was one of history's (and especially American history's) most decisive battles. The entire political shape of the North American continent was changed in less than an hour by this conflict between roughly 2,000 armed men. The battle started one hundred and seventy two years ago this hour, as a small ensemble better suited for a tavern than a battlefield began to play the Irish melody, "Will Ye Come To The Bower". The opening volley of the Texian army's "Twin Sisters" cannons were fired soon after, and the fight was on. It was a battle with mythic elements that are true nonetheless:

Extreme bravery and courage (Texian general Sam Houston was shot off his horse while leading the attack, one of only 30 Texians hit by enemy fire),

Brutality (as Mexican soldier's begged for their lives by pleading "Me no Alamo! Me no Goliad", they were ruthlessly slaughtered by men who were drunk with vengeance... over 600 Mexican soldiers died in the battle, many of who were executed as they tried to surrender while standing in the waters of Buffalo Bayou),

Cowardice (General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna put on a private's tunic and hid in the weeds until captured), and...

Chivalry (Houston received the captured the General and spared his life from those who would have shown Santa Anna the same mercy he showed to Col. Fannin and his men at La Bahia... execution).

These are the things of myth, but being mythical does not always mean it is untrue.

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Getting a grip on my addiction.

MUG: Stainless steel, double-walled vacuum insulated, 12 ounce, via Walmart's Ozark Trails. Made in China. Sans decoration. Nice handle, wide and large enough for gloved fingers. Won't fit in the MINI's cup-holders, however.

COFFEE: Colombia Huila, Pitalito, from Barrett's Micro Roast Coffee.

NOTES: I wanted to get a handle on my stainless steel vacuum insulated caffeine habit. $5.97 was simply irresistible.

NOTES 2: With decoration, a commemorative of a recent grand adventure.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Roses are red for a reason.

MUG: Made in the USA by Nostalgic Glass Works, with a Mexican Dia de los Muertos folk-motif image, laser engraved into the mug. Purchased at Terlingua Trading Post.

COFFEE: Colombian Santander from Central Market Westgate (mildly roasted in south Austin).

NOTES: Saint Valentine.

Friday, January 18, 2019

Big Shot

MUG: Starbuck's two ounce espresso cup, made in Thailand. It's from their 'Been There' series of cups. I've been there.

COFFEE: Guatemalan Antigua Dark Roast from Java Beans and Joe.

NOTES: A Christmas gift from Catherine. Sweet!

I got the coffee beans on Christmas Eve afternoon, because I wanted to make espresso and cappuccinos on Christmas. My local roaster closed very early, so I got these beans at the H-E-B grocery store before they closed for the day in the late afternoon.