Saturday, May 14, 2011

Reflections on good coffee

MUG: Double-walled stainless steel mug from OXO. Soft-touch rubber handle. When freshly filled, the rim is a bit too hot to the lips. When cooled slightly in the morning air, the rim is a bit metallic tasting. 7.5/10.

COFFEE: Colombian Supremo from Barrett's.

NOTES: Good coffee in the early morning is part of an explosion of sensational experiences.  It's part of "waking up" that has little to do with ceasing sleep. It's part of my sensory awareness training. I make my coffee in the dark, and enjoy it as the light grows. Sounds, sights, smells come into focus, and in the quietness of the morning I gain a heightened awareness of the world.

I also say my morning prayers (based upon the medieval service of lauds) and read the Bible. I begin in the dark, and end as the light grows. All around me, the world changes. Sounds, sights, smells come into focus, and in the quietness of my soul I gain a heightened awareness of the world.

Monday, May 09, 2011

Pot Luck

MUG: USA-made souvenir mug in the form of a 19th century butter churn pot. Not a bad drinker at all. Nice handle, good volume, and good lip. A winning design.

COFFEE: The assembled scraps of coffee beans that have been left over from recent coffee bean changes (there's always a couple of scoops of beans of the departing coffee left as I move on to a new bean). This grab-bag mix is about 1/3 Colombian Supremo, 1/3 Guatemalan Estate and 1/3 Colombian Supremo Bucaramanga (the last third a bitter, dark roast).

NOTES: Waste not, want not.

Friday, May 06, 2011

Bwana Java

MUG: Oh look! It's a Waechtersbach mug! What a surprise! School bus yellow, with a matte black Dymo Label that says "Bwana". All the usual superior qualities of the mug, enhanced by an easy to locate color.

COFFEE: The Guatemalan continues for a couple more days.

NOTE: This mug dates back to when I was Principal/Creative Director of The Summer Group (late 1980s). We gave these to clients and vendors, with a 1/3 pound of Summer Blend beans (Colombian, Guatemalan, and Kona coffee in a 2:1&1 ratio), with their name affixed in the manner of small office break rooms. This one was the prototype, and was mine. The name/title Bwana refers to both my position at the time, and to the art magazine I published (but refused to edit), Bwana Art. The Dymo Label has survived twenty some-dd years of dishwashing machines.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Mi madre' China del café.

MUG: Cup, actually. Wedgewood Briar Rose pattern. Tiny cup handle, suitable for extended pinky sipping. Lightweight, pleasant, respectable china serving.

COFFEE: Finishing up the Guatemalan.

NOTES: This was my mother's china. It's probably from Neiman-Marcus, as were most of her better things.

Monday, May 02, 2011

Savory or Safe?

MUG: The CenTury double-walled ceramic travel mug our real estate agent gave us as a house warming gift (one of the pair, as previously featured).

COFFEE: Guatemalan Estate (ongoing).

NOTE: As seen below, I used my new ceramic cone basket to make a tumbler of coffee. I'm not going anywhere, I just wanted come coffee on a cool afternoon. I also have used this for an illustration that coffee tastes much better without a lid. Full sensory impact.