Sunday, October 22, 2006

And now for something slightly different.



Utensil: I've long wanted to try roasting my own beans at home, but the coffee roasters I saw cost between $150 and $400. Out of the question for my use. But I recently read on the internets that you could roast your own coffee beans using certain types of hot-air popcorn poppers. The air-popper I've used for the last twenty-odd years is one of those. Four ounces at a time. So yesterday afternoon, I took the plunge.

Coffee: There is a coffee-shop/beanery/roasting house near me called White Rock Coffee. They happily sold me (but not without some confusion) a pound of Columbia - Valle del Cauca Supremo unroasted green beans. The coffee ended up quite nice, but I'll reserve comment until I get this roasting thing down a little better.

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