Monday, June 08, 2009

Greecey spoon.

Mug: Chinese-made commercial ware for Chubby's Family Restaurant. What can I say? It's a family restaurant mug. Chubby's is a family-owned chain of local restaurants owned by George, a big Greek guy with an accent so thick you can barely understand him. He hires a lot of Greeks (and a scary looking Macedonian dishwasher who wears combat camo).

Coffee: "Colombian" beans, fairly thin. Free refills.

Note: A story I was told from Chicago: A Greek and a Russian both immigrate to the US, and get jobs in a restaurant washing dishes. After a year, the Greek is the cook, and the Russian is washing dishes. After two years, the Greek manages the restaurant's new location. He takes the Russian with him as a dishwasher. After three years, the Greek owns the restaurants... and his old friend the Russian is working for him... washing dishes.

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