Monday, March 01, 2010

Buffalo Chips

MUG: Diner mug from Buffalo Pottery. Thick, dense, heavy, very satisfying. Made in tha USA.

COFFEE: Brazilian Estate at Cafe Brazil in Deep Ellum. Thin, weak, light, not at all satisfying.

NOTES: Lunch with Chip Seal. Cafe Brazil's coffee seems much more like normal, run of the mill restaurant coffee nowadays. The food was good, though (or so Chip said).

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Chef Wally said...

When I had retail store in California, I used to have customers come in, routinely, and ask for the "Mash" coffee mug. It took a while (pre-internet eighties)to figure out this was the mug they were seeking, as used on TV Show Mash. Good product.

PM Summer said...

M.A.S.H. mug? Never heard that before. I have seen them called naval mugs and diner mugs... although they look a bit like the cooling towers at Three Mile island, so I guess they could be called "meltdown mugs". ;-)