Saturday, June 08, 2013

The Restoration

MUG: Waechstersbach original, caramel colored, Western Germany.

COFFEE: An estate-grown Colombian Supremo, roasted by Barrett's Micro Roasters in Austin (see P.M., good things can come out of that town).

NOTES: For entertainment (and radical taste bud recalibration), I tried two pounds of coffee from a highly regarded local beanery. In return for my adventure, I got stylishly over-roasted coffees, one of which was a blend I allowed myself to get talked into. I suspended my simple rule that almost all coffee blends are an economic compromise (a bit of the good with much more of the not so good) as a way of maximizing profit. As a result, the Rule has been reinforced.

There is much joy in Mudville today. The King is restored.

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Anonymous said...

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