Sunday, October 13, 2013

Ben Franklin was right, but misquoted.

MUG: Diner-style novelty mug, made for the 90th Anniversary of Neiman-Marcus.  This is a mug of weapons-grade heft, a home-defense mug.

COFFEE: Wow! The best cup of coffee I have had in ages! It's a City roast Brazilian coffee, Fazenda Santa Ines from Carmo de Minas coffees. It was roasted and sold by Central Market at their Westgate store. It is outrageously good.

NOTES: The mug (as featured before) was made in Thailand and designed by High-Wave Good-Bi. It has a contrasting inner color (tan exterior, pale avocado green interior). Good handle, good lip, good heat-retention properties, and a good vibe (I grew up in the Neiman-Marcus culture). I have a matching mug that my wife uses. It has a green exterior and a rose interior. We only use these mugs on Sunday. If I use a different mug (or bring her coffee in her usual Polish-made coffee cup), I hear about it. It's our Sunday Morning Tradition/Ritual.

Now, about today's blog-post headline. Beer aficionados like to quote Ben Franklin as saying, "Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy." Great quote, but that's not what he said. What he really said was that rain is proof that God loves us, and because the rain causes the grapes to grow and they can be made into wine, that's proof that God wants us to be happy. It has rained over 4" so far this morning. I'm happy. God loves us. I have seen the proof.

Coffee mug in the rain.

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