Friday, March 19, 2021

Five Not-So-Easy Peaces

MUG: 16 ounce paper to-go tumbler.

COFFEE:  Four ounces of drip-grind Colombia Jardin, medium roasted by White Rock Coffee in Dallas, and "sourced from a cooperative of the best farms in the Antioquia region." An excellent coffee and roast. Rainforest Alliance certified. Just the unbrewed ground coffee.

NOTES: In preparation for a four day trip, I pre-ground and packed my preferred coffee to make during our stay (our friend who was hosting us with is not a coffee drinker). A somnambulant mishap with unfamiliar brewing gear resulted in losing a day's supply. I ventured out to find a small supply.

The Wuhan Panic has resulted in bulk bins being discontinued, so my first thought of getting a quarter pound of coffee ground was a non-starter. "All our coffees are pre-packaged."

My next idea was to get a small sample-packet of quality coffee. Rebuffed again, as no such small packets were to be found.

I found a promising 12 ounce bag of coffee beans at a shop I trust and respect from my former life in Dallas, but I only wanted about 3-4 ounces ground, and the rest I would keep un-ground to use upon my return home. I asked the shop if they could just grind 1/4 of the bag to drip, and eave the restof the beans whole. "No, we can't do that," said the nice young lady behind the scones counter "we have nothing to put the ground coffee into."

Rebuffed again, I started to leave. But when I reached the door, an idea came to me. I went to the order counter, where a supervisor (?) awaited me. I explained my dilemma, and offered a solution. "Can you grind 1/4 of the beans and put the fresh grounds into a paper to-go cup, leaving the whole beans in the bag so they'll stay fresh until I get back home in a couple of days?"

A long pause came upon the gentleman as he pondered the ramifications of meeting my request. After about fifteen seconds (during which he was making hand gestures compatible with thinking through a math problem), he replied "I don't see why not." After grinding the beans, he kindly resealed the bag for freshness with a heating tool.

I departed at peace and in puzzlement.

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