Monday, August 20, 2007

Blue Monday

Coffee: The Alternate Choice: Guatemalan Antigua.

Mug: Cobalt blue glass with a fake (screen printed) etched logo. This was a premium from the local NPR station's pledge drive a few years ago. It's for "Morning Edition with Bob Edwards", who has since been "retired" and now hosts the "Bob Edward's Show" on XM satellite radio.

An attractive, if unpleasant to use, mug. The tactile qualities are awful, to the fingers (sharp mold seam inside the handle) and most importantly, to the lips.

Note: I miss Bob Edwards. He is one of the few reasons I have considered (but rejected) subscribing to XM. I have not given to my local PBS station since the 2004 elections, when their newsroom covered up an important story about the so-called "Swift Boat Veterans for Truth", involving the work one of their guest on-air commentators did for them (and refused to do for them) as part of their smear campaign against Senator John Kerry. I vowed (to their station news director and manager) to never give them another dime of my money, but that I would continue to avail myself of their programming, guilt-free.

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