Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Coming full circle.

Coffee: A return to the base Colombian.

Mug: Chinese-made "diner" mug, made by M Ware. Even though it is larger than my 11 ounce Waechsterbach mugs, it only holds 10 ounces. Very heavy, with very thick walls (hence the smaller volume). A substantial mug.

Note: Picked up this mug at the Circle Grill on Buckner Boulevard at I-30. The Old Circle Grill (which burned down a few years ago) was located on the traffic circle at Buckner Boulevard/Loop 12 and Texas State Highway 80. My dad was a somewhat regular there in the late fifties and sixties. It is currently owned by the Vargos family (who also own the Market Grill on Harry Hines and whose family owns the old Record Grill next to the Dallas County Courthouse... an infamous greasy-spoon/burger joint frequented by jurors for at least half a century).

Vargos, the proprietor of the Circle Grill, used to run a delightful little restaurant downtown called Streetside Grill. Because it was next to City Hall, I got to know her and grew to love her restaurant. A combination of a misguided business plan, City neglect, and corporate indifference led to its decline and closure. I still miss it.

When you come to Dallas, you must go by the Circle Grill. Very good coffee-shop food, decent coffee (in the big, heavy mugs), and the friendliest waitstaff in Dallas.

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